Counter~Voices focuses on Diversity as it applies to history, justice, inclusivity and equity. Episode 1 deals the genesis, vision and mission of the podcast. Host: Gloria Lopata Prosperi & Jorge Prosperi.

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EPISODE 9: Diversity and Athletics as Fans and Citizens

This PODCAST deals with Athletics as a social-cultural construct and connections to History, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Citizenship and Democracy.

Episode 8 - Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Workplace

PODCAST 8 deals with DE&I in the workplace via research and trends by corporations, businesses and educational institutions.

Episode 7 - Fear! "I Give You Back” by Joy Harjo

Episode 7 Presents the poem “I Give You Back” by Joy Harjo 23rd US Poet Laureate on ‘engineered fear’ used to victimize and control. The poem is Joy Harjo’s anthem to...

Episode 6 - Diversity in Education Part II

EPISODE 6 PART II deals with school boards and parent groups politicizing and radicalizing learning about diversity, inclusivity, equity and thereby the basic tenets o...

Episode 5 - Diversity in Education Part I

EPISODE 5 PART I deals with questions parents and teachers are asking about teaching diversity - “Why, when, how and by whom should children begin to learn about diver...

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